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Wall Colors That Can Make a Difference in Your Interior: 10 Tips from Wallpics

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Walls are the place where you put up almost all décor items that can present in the house. This is the reason why the walls need a lot of attention. The paint that you put on them makes the base for all the photo tiles, paintings, and some other wall décor items that you use to decorate your rooms. Hence, we at Wallpics have collected 10 easy wall coloring tips that will help you in picking the right shade of the paint for your home.

1. Start with Swatches

The first thing that you should keep in mind – don’t buy paint and don’t start coloring before you have tried the particular shade on your wallpics wall photo tiles app. The color that you see on the catalog or even in the paint bucket can look really different when you apply it on your walls. Hence, you need to make sure that you first swatch a little bit of the paint on one part of your wall and only then do it for the entire room. If you are still confused whether the color will look good on the walls of your room, you can take some paint and color one small part of the room that can be easily re-painted if you end up not liking the color.

2. Consider the Mood and the Theme of the Room

Another thing to keep in mind while painting the room is the mood and the theme. The theme of your room depends on a lot of factors. You should decide the feeling that you want to have when you enter the room and what colors will give you that feeling. Once you have decided that, you should go with the – wall photo tiles download. You can select more than one color and then swatch them. Since it’s your home, the mood is an important factor you should consider before starting the work.

3. The Lighting in the Room Also Matters

Ask yourself, whether or not the room gets natural light? What kind of light will be dominant in the room? Since the colors look different in various lighting, you need to make your decision based on the quality and amount of the light in the room. The truest colors can be seen in the natural light, and the fluorescent lights show more of a sharp blue tone. If you go for the incandescent light, it will bring out the yellow tones. So, different colors can give an opposite look to your room depending on the lighting.

4. Textures to Fill the Empty and Boring Spaces

Your walls should not be limited only by a plane look. Go ahead and include some textures. If you have a large wall in your room, you can paint it with textured paint so that it can be a background for all kinds of artwork that you will place on it. It will also make the wall look much more filled and volumetric in comparison to the ordinary paint.

5. Connect the Rooms with Colors

Even though it is completely fine to make each of your room look different, you should make sure that all the rooms in your home are looking connected in some ways. If people enter from one room to another, they should not feel as if they have entered an entirely new dimension. Make sure that your rooms are color-coordinated so that there is a symmetry in the interiors.

6. Try Out the Two-tone Style

Why settle for one color, when you can have two dominating colors in your room. You can select two matching colors and use them to paint the walls following your own scheme. You can use closely related of completely different colors wallpics photo tiles shop online. Just make sure that the colors you use complement each other and do not clash. If you want a quiet ambiance in your room, it is better to go for the subtle shades and not for the bright ones.

7. Try Different Finish for One Wall or Adjacent Walls

Why keep your interiors and your paint boring, when you can do a lot of creative work with them? You can use the textured paint on the single wall in the room and leave other walls flat, or you can use this style on the adjacent walls, so your room will be divided into two different halves. This will give a nice and creative touch to your house. The best thing about this approach is that each area in your room will look original and authentic.

8. Choose Paint According to Your Furniture Color

Your furniture is also a very important part of your home and it should go perfectly well with the color of the interior Best wall photo tiles . If you already have the furniture for your home, you should consider getting wall paint according to its colors. If you do not have any furniture yet, first select the wall color and then go and buy the furniture with the appropriate finish.

9. Avoid Repelling Colors

There are often times that we make a mistake in choosing the color palette and accidentally end up buying colors that absolutely repel each other. This should be avoided at all cost. The colors in your room should complement each other and do not cause disgust to the inhabitants of the house.

10. Don’t Limit Yourself with Colors in Small Spaces

If you have a small space, don’t think that you should get only lighter shades so the rooms will look big. This is not entirely true. It is a fact that white and the lighter shades make the room look bigger, but even the darker shades can make your room look spacious if you try to pick the right ones.

These were a few tips by that will help you in picking the right color for your home. After you have decided the color of your walls, you can go on the Wallpics website and get some photo tiles that can be used in decorating. Wallpics tiles will look beautiful and stylish on the walls of any color as they are frameless pictures which do not need to be customized to the particular shade of paint. Get your Wallpics right now and save on the home décor!


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