Top 5 Title Comebacks in English Premier League History

English Premier League
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As the world’s favorite sport, football is full of thrilling moments and lots of hidden surprises. The game’s nature means that nothing is written on stone, and anything can happen before the final whistle. For punters at Betway, it means there’s nothing like a sure bet when wagering on football. Historically, teams have led with several goal advantages, only for the opposition to fight back and sometimes even win the game.

Here are the five greatest comebacks in EPL history.

Wolverhampton Vs. Leicester City (4-3) – 2003

In 2003, Leicester City came to this Premier league game positioned at the bottom of the table, but surprisingly took an early 0-3 lead in the first half. However, their jubilation didn’t last long after the start of the second half.

During the second half, Colin Cameron came back with a double as Alex Roe added the equalizer to level the ground in the 68th minute. The match ended in Wolvehampton’s favor as Henri Camara recorded his first season goal to snatch the game with only four minutes on the clock.

Leeds Vs. Derby County (4-3) – 1997

By the time Derby met Leeds in 1997, the two teams were eyeing the Champions League spots. Leeds was in the sixth position while Derby was sitting at number eight and the visitors took an incredible 3-0 lead within the first 33 minutes. To the dismay of home fans, Leeds restored their faith by scoring two goals before half-time. That’s the kind of action that fans who enjoy the Betway English Premier league bets like to see when wagering.

After Harry Kewell and Rob Wallace scored two goals before the half time, Leeds came back spirits high and ready for a comeback. That was achieved within the last eight minutes when Lee Bowyer and Jimmy Floyd overturned the tables for Derby County.

Tottenham Vs. Manchester United (3-5) – 2001

While languishing at the 16th place, Tottenham was facing Manchester after they rose to the second place. The Spurs open the scoring surge with three goals to zero before the half-time whistle went off, surprising many Manchester United fans. However, what Alex Ferguson told his men at half-time seemed to work as they back prepared to demolish the confident Tottenham, scoring five goals in the second half.

Newcastle Vs. Arsenal (4-4) – 2011

This thrilling match between Arsenal and Newcastle is one that Premier League fans will remember for decades. In the second place, Arsenal took an early 4-0 lead against the 8th place Newcastle by the 26th minute. That had killed the spirits of Newcastle fans, but the game was far from over, and the squad was ready to prove that.

The magpies got two penalties from Joey Barton, with Leon Best adding a goal to make the scoreline 3-4 with seven minutes remaining. With only three minutes on the clock, Newcastle’s Chiek Tiote scored the equalizer, erupting immense noise.

West Brom Vs. Manchester United (5-5) – 2012

With the league title already taken by the time the two sides met, many would have easily forgotten Manchester by the end of the season. However, this game will be remembered for decades. United took the lead early, recording a 2-5 scoreline by the 63rd minute. However, West Brom scores three goals in the last five minutes to end the game in a draw.


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