Michael B Jordan gets in touch with girl after her dentist tweeted that she broke her retainer while watching the actor go shirtless in Black Panther

Michael B Jordan

A dentist took to twitter to reveal that his one of his female teenage patient broke her retainer when she clenched her teeth too hard because she was stunned by Michael B Jordan‘s bare chest in Black Panther.



After the dentist’s post went viral, the patient tweeted that she was the patient that the tweet was all about, and she seemed happy.

But the girl did not expect what happened next! First, Teen Vogue got in touch with her for an interview because she broke her retainer while thirsting after Michael B Jordan.

But it didn’t end there. Michael saw the tweet and started following the teenager on Twitter.

Then he promised to replace the retainers with the girl’s permission.

17-year-old Sophia has now gone viral with so many media outlets asking to interview her. Mia, the dentist who shared the story, has also been receiving praises from people who say he made his patient a star by exposing her


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