Martin Shkreli Found Guilty Of Fraud; Faces 20Years in Prison

Martin Shkreli
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Martin Shkreli is facing 20 years in prison.

In a report from CNBC, they say that pharmabro and most hated CEO in America, Martin Shkreli, has been officially been found guilt of three out of eight counts of his charges including fraud. He was formally convicted of committing security fraud and two counts of security fraud. He will be facing up to 20 years in prison for these charges.

Shkreli made himself known initially for hiking the price of AIDS medication, Daraprim, by 5,000 per cent. He later became an enemy to the hip hop community after purchasing the one off Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin and at one point, threatening to destroy it. He also claimed to have a copy of the long-awaited Carter V and leaked the song featuring Kendrick Lamar, which as you would expect, didn’t please Lil Wayne.

Speaking to the press after the case, he referred to the trial as a “witch hunt of epic proportions.”

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