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How to Get to Know a Girl Without Embarrassment and Stupidity

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Sometimes, when it becomes as sad and lonely as possible, men begin to look both ways, searching for a charming girl. You are done with loneliness finally and the whole world turns into a springboard for acquaintances even a street. Indeed, why should you go to the bar, spend money and time, if you can fall in love on the way from the store home? The only pity thing is that no one knows how to get acquainted normally.

  • Come up to her with a smile.
    What do you need to do in the very beginning? The most effective way is to come up, ask for a name, pay a compliment (it would be better if it is quite pleasant and unusual but not as old as your granny) and ask for a phone number. You do not need to reinvent the wheel and come up with figures of speech that are worthy of Petrarch. Both of you will feel some embarrassment, so the better you get over it, the faster you will meet up again and survive the horrors of a first date with a charming girl!
  • Be sincere, simple and understandable.
    This is the secret of street acquaintance: a bit of humor, a little charm, a maximum of simplicity and sincerity. First, you need to establish a non-verbal contact with her, that involves catching a look, smiling, winking. In general, you need to transfer her attention to yourself. After the contact is established, you can begin to get acquainted and think about what you will talk about with the girl. The main thing is to try not to be nervous, otherwise there will be an all-destroying feeling of awkwardness.


  • Forget about physical compliments.
    Just do not try to pay compliments to her physical virtues. No matter how gorgeous her bosom is, you should not say that. All these expressions like, “I fell in love with you forever for beautiful eyes, for an awesome body and for a sweet face” will not do. All the men are much easier to take physical compliments. If they say to you, “Young man, you have such beautiful hands,” you will become proud of it, and the girl will doubt.
  • Forget about your car.
    Don’t even think about shouting to the girl from the car something like, “Let’s go driving with me”, it’s indecent. Of course, your car is literally created to pick up the ladies, however, if you are worried about your reputation, or at least expect to get acquainted with a decent girl, then you should not shout. Hardly anyone likes to be a laughing stock in the whole street. Maybe someone is flattered that she gets the signs of attention in front of the whole street but it’s likely that something is just wrong with that girl. She is light-minded. So, do not act like that. The girl will not write down the number of your car but simply deem you to be another street asshole. It is unlikely that she woke up with the thought that she wants to get acquainted with the charming knight in shorts at the wheel of the right-hand drive car.
  • Be more careful with humor.
    Well, you love a good sense of humor, you joke around with friends of yours, even participated in the “stand-up show” and got a few laughs and claps. But, you see, there is a problem that not all people have a good sense of humor. Your high-intellectual jokes may simply not be understood, so be simpler. But do not go down to the lower level and try not to joke, if you are not able to do that really good. Leave your friends aside.
    If you think that girls like when you and your friends, interrupting each other and cheerfully laughing, discuss their appearance and invite them to participate in your cool party, then be ready to become upset because they don’t like that. It is just a strong no, and that’s all. This can embarrass her, even if she smiles at the same time. So, back off the girl and go your way.


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