Forbes Ranks Manchester United As World’s Third Most Valuable Sport Team

Manchester United
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Forbes magazine has ranked Manchester United as the world’s third most valuable sports team, behind the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Yankees.

United, who topped the annual list in 2011 and 2012, leapfrogged Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid to take the title of the world’s most valuable football team at £2.86bn ($3.69bn).


In total, seven football teams made the 50-team list with Bayern Munich coming in 15th at £2.1bn ($2.71bn), Manchester City coming 35th on £1.61bn ($2.083bn); Arsenal at 43rd on £1.49bn ($1.93bn) and Chelsea in 46th on £1.42bn ($1.845bn).

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Dallas Cowboys £3.26bn ($4.2bn)
New York Yankees £2.87bn ($3.7bn)
Manchester United £2.86bn ($3.69bn)
Barcelona £2.82bn ($3.64bn)
Real Madrid £2.78bn ($3.58bn)
New England Patriots £2.64bn ($3.4bn)
New York Knicks £2.56bn ($3.3bn)
New York Giants £2.4bn ($3.1bn)
San Francisco 49ers £2.33bn ($3bn)
Los Angeles Lakers £2.33bn ($3bn)


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