ESPN Will Lose $75 Million Because Of Texans Vs. Raiders Wild Card Game

NFL gives ESPN unappealing Texans/Raiders game.


ESPN stands to lose $75 million this Saturday, after the NFL gave them the least attractive Wild Card matchup of the weekend between the Brock Osweiler-led Houston Texans and the Derek Carr-less Oakland Raiders.

According to Outkick The Coverage, ESPN actually had to pay $100 million to televise the upcoming Wild Card game between the Texans and Raiders and can only make $25 million from airing the game. For those of you scoring at home, that’s a $75 million loss.

ESPN paid the NFL $1.9 billion per year for the rights to Monday Night Football from now until 2022, but they also agreed to pay $100 million per year to air one Wild Card game, which is given to them by the league- they don’t have a say in the matter. As we’re witnessing with this weekend’s Texans/Raider matchup, that game has the potential to be a total flop.

The Texans have already announced that they’ll be going back to Brock Osweiler at QB for the game while the Raiders will be left with¬†Connor Cook, unless Matt McGloin unexpectedly¬†recovers from his injury.

Of course, most of us will still be watching (Saturday at 4:35pm) anyway but this is one of the least attractive wild card matchups ESPN could’ve hoped for and if this trend keeps up they stand to lose $600 million as part of their Wild Card deal with the NFL.

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