6 Ways Your Condom Can Tear And Give You An STD.


Condoms are one of the best forms of birth control and protection against s3xually transmitted diseases out there, but they only work if they don’t break.  These are reasons why your condoms might tear or weaken. Keep in mind these condom fails the next time you get busy.

You use the wrong lubricant: Using oil based lubricants such as cold cream, baby oil, petroleum jelly or even hand lotion can weaken the condom and break it.

You do not use a lubricant: If there is friction while having sex, not only will it cause irritation and pain to your private parts but the condom will also break. So make sure to keep your private parts lubricated while having s3x.

You store the condom in warm places: Make sure that you do not store your condom in a warm place like your wallet as heat damages latex condoms. Keep them in your medicine cabinet instead.

The condom does not fit: If you use a condom that is too small or too large, it can rip so make sure that you try different condom sizes and pick the right one which is not too tight or too loose.

The condom has passed its expiry date: If you use a condom which is past its prime, it will be ineffective in protecting you from s3xually transmitted disease or unwanted pregnancy. Condom wrappers come with an expiry date so ensure that you take note of them.

Your woman has tight va ginal muscles: Some women have tight vaginal muscles which can also cause the condom to break. So make sure that you always use a lubricant.

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