5 Things About Your Boyfriend You Should Never Tell Anyone About

1. THINGS YOU DISLIKE ABOUT HIM: Women have a tendency that, no matter how in love they are, they can always pick *and pick and pick* a habit that they don’t like about their man, and roll with it on a rant to their close friends. If you’re telling your friends about every single fight, misgiving, trust issue, name-call, or drunken spat you’ve had with your man, then odds are they’re not going to end up liking the guy too much. Remember that while you deal with the rough stuff in a relationship, you also get to experience all the wonderful, little things about it that make that rough stuff irrelevant. Your friends don’t. When all they hear are complaints and fights you’re having with your man, they’re going to start to wonder why you’re with him at all.


2. HIS FAMILY DRAMA: Family drama should be kept to yourself, especially when you’re talking about someone else’s! If your man has shared shameful family secrets with you, show respect and keep your lips zipped on the matter. Remember that, while they’re not your family, your mate shared these details with you for a reason. If the story is particularly juicy, scandalous, or a sore, hurtful subject, then you have all the more reason not to blab about it to your friends.


3. HIS PEN!S SIZE: This should be obvious, and no matter how much you may want to brag *or cry* about the subject, trust us that’s it a no-go when it comes to the size of his junk.

4. HOW GOOD HE IS IN BED: Right along with the size of his Johnson, his fabulous skills in the sack should probably be kept to yourself. Yes, he does that amazing thing with his tongue and knows all the right moves and all the right places, but beware that while you’re sharing your blissful bedded experience, your girlfriends may just be wondering how they could have a similar experience. While there are many girls who would never backstab a bestie, never say it’d never happen to you. Too many trusting girls have shared their sexy deets about their talented lover, only to have their closest gal-pals try to get in on the action


5. HOW BAD HE IS IN BED: While you may want a shoulder to cry on about exactly how lost your man seems to be between the sheets, you might want to hold back on this one. Are you planning on keeping him around? If so, best keep his pride safe, and forgo telling all your friends how you’ve become one of those women faking a headache just to get out of sex. You know, at least until you’re done with him.


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